Herbo Dou Diable

by Morthem Vlade Art



released February 19, 1998

Produced, composed, arranged and performed by Gregg Anthe.
Words by Emmanuell.D except 10, 13 by Gregg Anthe.

Publishing administrated by SACEM, France.
ⓒ + ⓟ Antonn Records, 1998. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Morthem Vlade Art Paris, France

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Track Name: Beyond Sorrow

Dolls and books
scattered near the bed.
When did it happen
I can't remember.
This quiet place where I feel
as if I were in a box
stands out from the image
of the outside world collapsing.

The doors were shut
to preserve the spirit of torture,
I did nothing with my pain.

I look at your stony face
indifferent to the beatings of my heart.
I've waited for the chaos the great commotion,
nothing has come but naught.

I wanted to go beyond sorrow
and find its good soul but
I did nothing with my pain.

My organs fell slowly
on the floor without a noise.
Superficiality fades in the face of the unknown
and habit is a crutch that death
takes away from you.
Waking was so hard, so unbearable that the doors were shut
to preserve the spirit of torture.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing.
Track Name: Salem

Is it me who is creating this terrible vision?
the ground is giving way under me and I fall to my knees.

My life is going away, lost hours are flying past,
like a dream that passes and fades away.

O Lord, I'm thinking of death
wich is approaching and freezing me with terror.

Can't you see only fault on my face
you were at the heart of the storm
you were the instigator of this crazy reign I dare to beleive.

O Lord, have pity on me
because my past is only the image of distant happiness.

And yet solitude and anguish collapse on our heads like a plague.
our conscience panics at each gesture trying to seize in vain an instant.

O Lord, enlighten me
because only your image will rekindle the flame of hope.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing.
Track Name: Barbaric Breath

The past is following me
with cold and pitiless eyes
hiding like a tomb
the dreams of yesteryear and the magic
which transformed the taste of each day
into bitter or exquisite flavours;
extreme is the taste of….

The past holds me captive
though I thought myself invincible.
My kingdom only had room for
enlightenment or God's conscience.

What I would give to relive
those intense and golden hours,
when we were drunk with the impossible,
consumed by the fire
which censed every event
as if it were the last;
extreme is the taste of...

These invinsible beings
took me in hand and I did not feel
the barbaric breath leave me.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing.
Track Name: The Unnameable

Once again, I'm sinking into a deep sleep, little by little
becoming lost in some dull and fleeting dreams.
They are a parry to the forbidden areas of thought I suppress,
an unconscious one that goes back far before my birth and perhaps before the birth of mankind.

My body is no longer a mass of soft atoms brushing against each other, separating and finally uniting on this shore, in front of a huge expanse of water. Dark and quiet water under a perfect moon. No more noise, neither in the incessant come and go of the liquid, nor in the thick forest behind me.

The deep silence is here synonymous of danger,
I know that. A pitiless terror rises up in me, unexplained.
Anguish of time, of everything that, finally, I have never learnt to recognize.

I'm transfixed, my eyes are open wide at the unnameable:
a great dark shape that rises up in the middle of this glacial area, higher and higher. My fear extends beyond any rationnality. I'm not a man anymore but a trembling and lost spirit. The shape reveals itself, cranium, gaping eye sockets, deformed mouth, oozing, so big that it could wolf down thousands of people.

But I'm alone in front of this monstruosity,
this nightmare whose distorted image is mine and that of my entire race. A tormented image without hope of redemption or rest,
emerging from the stagnant water. God, here is what the world begets since time infinate, developing itself in darkness and liquid: a sightless and bitter flower, blindly searching for the breast of an absent and mysterious mother.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing.
Track Name: Demons Of Buried Joys

The smell that pervades the room
thickening as sleep overcomes me.
My eyes are closed and I feel
fingers so fine slide on my lips
and penetrate my ears
until they touch the rotten fruit.

Another self sits astride my breast
insulting me while a sticky liquid
dripping from his mouth gets into all my orifices.

I' m thrown in foetal weightlessness
but don't find in it warmth and security
peculiar to the womb.

Frightened, I move in a forgetting space
where demons of buried joys
tempt my sorrow.

I pass your corpse drifting with the flow
of my thoughts and cruelly regret
not having used absence as a driving force.
It would be so exciting to turn sadness
into absolute love of life
and honour the void through forgiveness.

As the child plunges into sleep
I envy the sweetness
and this perfect silence of soul.

Ar' ayan em asyer ar' exile

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing.
Track Name: Surrender

I believed in complete freedom of the soul,
that I could live up to my beliefs
if my heart by its loyalty
was brave enough to honour them.

I believed in the expression of faith
growing along with our experiences,
in the spirit that shapes us
while suppressing all idols.

What is all of this at the dawn of certain death?
It is no longer fear that torments me
but the regret of having, without screaming
repressed the ideal for peace of mind.

I had an appetite for life
to the point of refusing sleep
while the senses were so awake
the invisible would become real.

I knew the force of believing
in spite of the sad ordeals
we undergo in the powerlessness
-doesn't this give birth to revolt?-

I believed in my own will
before time betrayed a sly surrender
I did not believe I could fight.

"While the senses were so awake
the invisible would become real."

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Closer To Me

Anguish is getting closer to me
sly as a blind shark attracted by smell
of a slow death throes.
I make out her face with a sharped smile.

I remember that ten years ago
I almost drowned myself,
water came into my lungs,
salt burnt my tongue.
This suffocating feeling assailed me once again.

Every sense of mine submits to the new rules.
I don't know who is pulling the strings now
but I let myself by his goodwill dominate
without batting an eye...

I'm holding my breath
and make myself forget.
She won't feel the dread if I silence my mind.
I pray for a gleam lighting up in her eyes
when she'll finally find me.

It seems another life's growing inside me,
strong and pitiless;
reason crumbles away
exposing the faults of its old principles.
I give up the dance, I lose control
and apathy runs in my flesh...

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Endless Dream

I remember the nameless abyss
where I plunged
the day my brother died.

My eyes open
to the room's obscurity
I think of that thing again
that is impalpable and incomprehensible
the death of the other.

Strongly tormented by this thought
I search my soul
for the most comfortable place
and I fall asleep.

An endless dream
of unsatiated love and frustration,
a dream of flesh and an embrace,
of unrestrained sobs
for the first time.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing