Organic But Not Mental

by Morthem Vlade Art



released May 26, 2000

Produced, composed, arranged and performed by Gregg Anthe.
Words by Emmanuell.D

Publishing administrated by SACEM, France.
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Morthem Vlade Art Paris, France

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Track Name: The Night Before

A drop is running
between my shoulder blades,
the smell of old nicotine
is drifting through the air.

The same room,
the same decor,
only the notion of time has changed.
A month seems two years
then a month seems two days.

I can't wait.

There's the moment
when everything goes right,
things are simple
idleness sets in.
Then comes the price to pay
for these carefree days.

A crack has introduced this thought
deep inside.

I can't wait.

No more euphoria
but no wisdom either.
Another era is coming,
in between habit
and the crack that turns over.

The last cigarette
before bed, spirals are licking
the wallpaper:
"what for?",
yesterday is already tomorrow.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Splendor In The Grass

I don't know how long
this pain will stay,
this tumor-like ball.
I thought we had eternity before us,
no need to hurry.
Was it disillusion
that killed the dream
or did it go away on its own?

Is it a lack of will
or a screw fallen from
the propeller that turns my brain?

We brushed against a dream,
it was a good thing
for the time we believed in
and hung on to it.
Now we must live without it
swallow and digest it.

Is it Time
that breaks ideas
when we must act
and stop thinking.
Now we have to live without,
forget the guilt,
not continuously wonder
at what moment
we lost our footing.

We brushed against a dream,
it was a good thing
for the time we believed in
and hung on to it.
Now we must live without it
swallow and digest it.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Danger Crawls On Mosaïc

I sink into a tiny place
of the infinitely great.
A hole under water
filled with criminal embryos
nested in the heart of rust.

My universe of rejections.

It swallows me up
with a gaping mouth
and sucks out the sap
for the starving down below.

Yours would be warm or cold,
underground, aerial.
Mine is liquid, scentless, oppressive.
The more I say “no”, the more he says “come”.

A beating of feet and arms,
fear comes on all sides.
Stockpiled inhibitions taunt me
under the humus,
danger crawls on mosaic.

A hole under water, a pond.
My universe of rejections.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Organic But Not Mental

My body keeps me warm,
a coat made of grass and leaves.
I've dreamt about injured flesh,
a void beneath the skin.
My body doubled over
and I threw up the dream,
my guts were soft
and thought was painful.

A bruised feeling
has since frozen in my shoulder.
I've dreamt about water,
mire where we drown
while looking at the spongy green
sticking to the stone.
No more walking around the pond
without a hand
to grab me.
I've dreamt of opened mouth - silent cries.
My body has felt the absence,
all my vessels have burst.

The bones believe that the head
does not follow,
I lie down to warm them up.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Fragrance

A smell sufficed,
one second, in this room;
the smell of a time gone by.

I breathed in
until I heard a tear,
breathing in but not out,
I needed to keep everything.

Then everything evaporated.
I searched all over
everywhere the smell
could have come from.
I simply wanted
to remember but everything
had slipped away for good.

I stayed there,
lifeless and empty,
my lungs daubed
with plaster,
I needed to keep everything.

And I thought that, maybe,
the smell or something more real
would come back soon,
suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

This waiting this need to believe
were finally just as pleasant
as the hoped-for finality.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Cream

I've trod in some white liquor,
the kind that can be perfumed
to cure a sick man.
It was scattered here and there
on my clothes and my skin.

I felt it mutating
the structure of my bones;
I was down on all four.
Food and drink
were within my reach.
When I tried to stand up,
a sweet honey-like cream
was shown to me.

When I cut myself,
my red blood cells
seemed to be mixed with milk.
No more curiosity,
speeches from above
were chewed for me.

All around me
I breathed in vaguely
a smell of soil and disinfectant
but I was no longer afraid of disease;
my organism was sterilized,
I was feeling so good.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Narcissus Metamorphosis

Narcissus splits in two, remains paralysed with fear.
A flower has grown to the summit of his head.
The fountain is a lake where rests his soul
that the tormented heavens cross over the tumult.

The reflection of his body melts into the water
forming in his hand a barely hatched egg
from which the Narcissus flower,petals of foam,
gushing towards the clouds wich dissolve into the blue.

His shadow swoons on the red waves like a ghost
crossing the dog of which he's the master
and the animal drinks the blood of his victim
weakened by the yellow ochre of the closing day.

And the marble statue,on the draught-board
seems to detest the very plinth of its eternity
which joins the liquid where death drowns
to shine the beauty of its fingers.

A path escapes from the grey mountain
letting Echo,Liriope and Cephise be reborn
but the young man alone with his head on his knees
bathing in the light, his being becomes blurred.

And Narcissus in love with his own face
plunging into the colourful picture of storm
revives the myth, painted by a burning spirit,
of immortal love fading into madness.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Spirits

Under the smiling moon,
spirit of night awakes
while the silky multitude deploys.

Like sweet caresses,
hands made of haze
submerge the ramparts of evening.

Nocturnal visitors
blend in with shadows
and breath the perfume of silence.

Spirits and Dogs

Innards and hearts
scattered on the floor
sanctify the lair of the wise.

Faints lights from nowhere
reassure the lost souls
exhausted by wandering.

The skinny branches lash the air with fury,
face of the enemy was slashed.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Dreams Are Gone

Dreams are gone when love is gone
Voices from the past and soft sleep
Dreams are gone when love is dead,
love is dead when a child has grown into a man.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing