Uncertain Days

by Morthem Vlade Art



A collection of rarities, unreleased mixes, versions and songs.
1997 - 2005


released November 14, 2007

Produced, composed, arranged and performed by Gregg Anthe.
except 3 composed by Gregg Anthe and Christophe Vonwill.
Words by Emmanuell.D

Publishing administrated by SACEM, France.
ⓟ Antonn Records, 1997-2005. ⓒ Antonn Records, 2007. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Morthem Vlade Art Paris, France

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Track Name: Closer To Me (version)

Anguish is getting closer to me
sly as a blind shark attracted by smell
of a slow death throes.
I make out her face with a sharped smile.

I remember that ten years ago
I almost drowned myself,
water came into my lungs,
salt burnt my tongue.
This suffocating feeling assailed me once again.

Every sense of mine submits to the new rules.
I don't know who is pulling the strings now
but I let myself by his goodwill dominate
without batting an eye...

I'm holding my breath
and make myself forget.
She won't feel the dread if I silence my mind.
I pray for a gleam lighting up in her eyes
when she'll finally find me.

It seems another life's growing inside me,
strong and pitiless;
reason crumbles away
exposing the faults of its old principles.
I give up the dance, I lose control
and apathy runs in my flesh...

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: L'usine

Genetic vision,
a woman in silk stockings.

In her stomach is sludge
that never stops

And diffusing the thick smoke,
the grease
that makes up statues.

Genetic shiver,
a woman in silk stockings
who smiles

with the frozen smile of statues
out of the mould.

in the crux of our thighs
and behind the ears,

the stamp of the machines
like a silver hallmark.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: 10 mg
10 mg

Straight on
Straight on.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: The Rope

Why do I get the feeling
that there is someone behind me ?
Several times, I have felt a hand on my shoulder
but nothing was there.
It’s getting late now
and I still have a ways to walk.

Suddenly there are footsteps dancing around me
then the sound of a steel drum,
a beating that pounds my head.
I can no longer see,
I think about a blue backdrop
so that all will stop.

And I can see again,
the noise is gone, nothing around.
I notice I had never stopped walking,
that I have continued on my way
and did lose a shoe.
I have not strayed from the path
like a sleepwalker on a tightrope.

So I run faster and faster,
fleeing that thing that wanted to enter me.
I run, no longer recognizing a thing,
walls, trees, they all mix together
and I have lost my way.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Absente Terebenthine (acoustic version)

I closed this book
and my collection of empty pages,
I wanted to find the atmosphere
of a warm painting.

Dark colors
with a single source of light
in the middle,
one man, seen from behind.

Everything reinvented differently,
neither overpopulation
nor clans,

Individuality the mistress
of each row,
red, the white hole.

But no brush is virgin
like the first stone.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: E-Clipse (version)

In the metal cut
open like a wound,
I drive in bones,
my first teeth.
I whisper sweet words
to the shape
that I erase,
and from my fingertips
taste the dust.
There are many steps
that I no longer count,
worlds piled up inside my box
losing their colour.
You must destroy
and revive,
destroy and forget.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Paranoïa (whisperings mix)

I had to fall
into superstition,
walking on white flagstones

even though nothing serious
can ever happen,

if I suffer, I could die
and the suffering will not last.

I had to stop
my thoughts at night to sleep
even though I can sleep,

thinking of money
even though I can work
or do anything.

I had to feel fear
to live.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Rooms For Tourists (tourists' mix)
A neutral place,
without shared memories,
a sitting room with sea view
where our thoughts fight.

The floor is polished,
the curtains are flowing,
how many stories have finished this way?

We turn the page,
ready to start over.

The silence is white,
cold between us,
no more sharing,
here we are no longer tied
to our past life.

Snake men sliding over the sand
to the water,
we shed our skins, washed
of the torture of the preceding hours.

Our bags, nothing important, nothing precious
since we will leave everything
in the rooms for tourists.

We turn the page,
ready to start over.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Automatic Shapes

Sit up and beg,
dogs have learned just like us.
stick out your tongue, reproduce
head full of cheese.

In the window, a blurry image
more attractive
in the curls of coffee steam

You are there,
I still have something to lose,
I am afraid of that.

Your hand on the table
that melts into the wood
and the wood like a gallows.

Our faces stretch, stretch
and burn with a ray of sun.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: Transcontinental (flight mix)

I lift a wing,
my head filled with the continent
invents a floating body.

It’s not that I am fleeing
because I accept what I am
with the most complete submission,
not to flee but to hover a bit
above the stock.

In fact, I don’t really take off,
a foot is always firmly secured
in my sand-filled shoe.
And I can’t really lighten my ballast
because I can’t forget what I am.

I am however able to see a bit further,
a daily contact
so that I don’t rot in place,
an instinct in the shape of a safety valve.

Using a dream to harbour a different death,
a different destination, infinite travel possibilities,
It’s a way of seeing things.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing
Track Name: My Ear At Night (vocals by Emmanuell.D)

At night my ear
is like crystal,
I hear the skin stretch,
your heart beat.

I could forget
many things,
I could sink
so much further
but I want

to feel your breath,
not to lose an iota of you,
a second
of the life that drives you.

I could travel
to good
and bad places
always unknown
but I don't want to lose
an iota of you.

Emmanuell.D / SACEM Publishing